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I write damn good content, the value of which you won't believe.

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I'm a notorious over-achiever. If I do something, I always compare myself to the best and expect nothing less from myself. ,  

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My name is Daniel Grainger. I'm an ecological sciences 

grad, originally from Australia, who carved a path as a

content writer. I love writing, researching, and also (que

violins) helping others realize their potential. That's why



After becoming the benefactor of my university's 

outstanding dissertation award, and thankfully being able

to publish my work in the prestigious scientific

journal Etymology, I worked as an ecological consultant in

the UK and in South-East Asia. Then one day, I was asked

to write an itinerary for a tour service; so began my career

as a content creator. 

I have persisted at writing scientific papers and proposals for the past few years. Meanwhile, I've been honing my craft as a copywriter through online freelance agencies. It was straight forward working for copywriting firms, but the time and work invested by me in the projects was not being rewarded properly.


So I started ORCWRITING and went it alone. I have a keen interest in outdoor pursuits (particularly surfing, spearfishing, and climbing), science writing, anything with a motor and healthy living. But I will research and write about anything. 

Through ORCWRITING, I supply businesses with persuasive and effective website content. I provide the right words and ideas that help start-ups and businesses find their voice. Together we can identify and target your niche audience, tell them a compelling story, grow your online content, get you more traffic, then generate revenue.    

Get in touch. See what you think. I look forward to helping you too. 

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