“If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.”  ― Idowu Koyenikan

My copywriting process is relatively standard among good copywriters; it is a series of tried and proven steps which contribute towards a straightforward and enjoyable copywriting experience for both you and myself. 

By following this process, you and I can together take confidence in the fact that we have set clear project deadlines and expectations. 

Inquiry and clarification

Once you have approached me, it is important that I get

a clear idea of what the project entails, your budget and deadline. This initial discussion and clarification helps us determine if I am suitable for your job, and is an opportunity for us to meet formally. I generally like to do this over the phone, as this gets the conversation moving fast, and also serves to clarify your requirements immediately.   



After we have clarified what your project entails, I  shall send you a proposal. This will contain;

  • My interpretation of what you have requested; a clear statement of what the project will look like upon completion

  • Clearly defined terms of responsibility for all parties involved in the copywriting process 

  • A timescale for the project

  • A fee structure, terms of payment and cancellation policy

If, after receiving the proposal, you feel that I have a good understanding of your requirements and you would like to employ my services, our paths converge and we proceed to the third step of the copywriting process! 


Once we have agreed to work together, it is time for me to really understand the nuts and bolts of your company. I must learn about your audiences, objectives, competitors, unique selling points, how the success of the project will be measured, and anything else you feel might be pertinent for me to know about.  

To achieve this, I will send you a Copywriting Brief, which will provide me with the detail necessary to begin the project and also conduct my own research. 

First draft 

Based on the information compiled during the brief, I will prepare a first draft of the project. I will send this to you as a Microsoft Word file, and will ask you for feedback, corrections and amendments.



Review, amendments and subsequent drafts

The first draft is the initial material of your project. After reviewing and amending it, we can start to refine and perfect the work. You must tell me if I have correctly understood your brief, the tone of the piece is correct and that I have applied the correct linguistic style. 

I will make changes to the piece as directed by your feedback, and supply you with a second draft. I offer unlimited  revisions within a month of providing you with the first draft. 

Sign off and invoice

Once you are satisfied with the project, I will ask you to confirm your approval and project completion via email. Payment can then be finalized according to the terms we agreed upon in the proposal. 


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