When you work with me, what do you get?

traffic, authority and sales boosting

- webpage copy 

- promotional articles

- Blogging services

Your copy needs to connect with your customers, communicate your value, and increase your revenue. See how I've done this for past clients

you first need to attract your audience. Then, you need to convince them you are better than your competitors. This is how I help. 

When you hire me as your content creator, you don't just get pages of writing.


You get content that gets you more readers, more authority and more revenue

yes please, i'd like great copy

The process looks something like this;

      Q & A- 

over the phone, I'll gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, services, and target markets - so I can hone in and focus your content for your audience


Using the tools in my box, I'll research and identify strategic topics, trending keywords and attention-grabbing material in your industry. With this, I'll create content that gives you authority, currency and voice  

     Competitor Analysis

By Discovering what the top-dogs in your industry are doing, we can formulate your content to gather best strategies and identify market opportunities  

       content plan of action (POA)  and website copy

Once I've finished research and analysis, I'll provide you with a document that: 

  •  Summarizes all research and competitor analysis

    • including keywords and article topics​

  • Articulates all fundamental marketing components, such as your:

    • Customer identity

    • Unique Selling Point

    • Content timeline 

  • Describes the content plan and timeline for article submission  

For webpage copy, I provide you with researched, optimised, actionable material for your;

  • Home Page

  • About Page

  • Services Page

  • contact page

  • your researched POA document

If you need content for blog posts or Promotional articles, do get in touch. I regularly contribute to several authoritative blogs and magazines and also offer complete content creation and promotion strategy packages.

I also offer comprehensive content strategy services that promote your online presence, SEO ranking, and authority over time.


If you have any questions or want to touch base, just fill in my online form to begin communication. 

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